A hand of cards to inspire and guide

Guiding Hand

A hand of cards, with sayings taken from Guiding Lights, a guide to becoming the person that you were born to be. To be carried and played at any time either alone or with loved ones of your choice.

If we were to look in and upon our own life and the lives of others, we may observe a game of ‘hide and seek’. The person that we long to be and was born to become, commonly is hidden. Whereas, the face we present to the world, is a well-fashioned mask of who we think we should, ought and or must be. Life offers chances to discover the games we play, deepen awareness of who we really are and to live a more wholesome life becoming who we were born to be.

At any time, when you are alone or with a loved one or more and are questioning and seeking guidance, simply choose a card. See if you can sit with your chosen words and notice how they may ‘speak to you’, not only in the moment, but also over the course of a day or more.

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